Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sunday Sojourn

     The sun is shining in Texas this morning and the temp is almost 50°. Since I got only three hours sleep last night, the sun bothers me this morning. Dear Heart and Daughter went to church and the sun, along with an overly tired body, kept me from going back to sleep. Sort of like meeting yourself coming back.

Never occurred to me to pick up the Word of Words.

     Finally, I snuggled into my warmest, fuzzy robe, poured a fresh cup of coffee, and checked e-mail. That was better than standing in the middle of the floor wondering what to do.

Never occurred to me to pick up the Word of Rest.

     I found and replied to a few messages then for some ??? yeah, right, unknown reason, wandered around a few blogs.

Never occurred to me to pick up the Word of Hope.

     Cheerleaders. *sigh* Janet’s blog, always offers a gem or two but cheerleaders???? I almost turned away without reading.

     Janet is the wife of an Army Chaplain. All military is near and dear to me, the mother of a 21-year Marine. Since I trust Janet’s blog, I DID read on.
I felt scolded.
I felt hugged.
I felt encouraged.
     Please take time to read Janet’s post today, “Save the Cheerleader—Save the World.”

     While you read my blogging friend’s encouraging post, I will pick up the Word of Life then take a restful nap…
Because He First Loved Me,