Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Launguage of my OLD Body

The English language calls to me; constantly temps, attracts, charms, teases, and entices me. I study grammar. I go to my Thesauruses for one synonym to one word and scan through that amazing maze of words for an hour. I have enjoyed a torrid love-affair with words most of my life.

I respect and stand in awe of those who know, understand, read, write, and communicate in more than one language. Absolutely astounding.

That is NOT my gift. I am NOT good at learning new languages. I only remember two phrases from my 3rd grade Spanish lessons. I don't want to even TRY. I deeply DISLIKE something I can NOT do.

Yet a NEW LANGUAGE attacks me. Yells at me. Demands that I learn to understand and translate.


This aging, elderly, old  process has been hard, and now my body yells at me and - - -\
I don't know what it is saying.

I have not a clue in the world as to how to interpret the language of my  New Old Body.
I don't know what it is telling me.
I can't identify the meaning of the screams that emit from this strange New Old Body.
I don't recognize the sounds.
I don't know if it wants to eat, sleep, walk, lie down, exercise, sit, stand, or just languish around in worn out p.j's.

Maybe my  New Old body wants to just go dancing and I'm missing out  - - - - ya think????
Naw, I don't either. But, it is a VERY good dream.

*s i g h*
Don't mis-judge me. Please.
Truly: I try.
Truly: I listen.
Truly: I know others have it MUCH worse.
Truly: I care.
Oh my goodness I CARE  !!!!  A lot.
I just need to know:

  • Is my body sick? Hungry? Tired?
  • Does it need fresh air? Sunshine? A stroll in the moonlight?
  • Perhaps it is begging for a hot shower.
  • Or something new - - -  A COLD shower?
(Think again, Body, Not in MY lifetime !!!) 
Perhaps, if I just put on my pink slippers, recline, and cover up in a warm snugly I can make my New Old Body happy. Ya think????
A language school for The  New Old Body would be of help. The Yellow Pages produced zip !! Besides, from what I hear, each individual  New Old Body has its own words, definitions, synonyms, antonyms, wants, needs, metaphors, similes, analogies, and plain old creature comfort descriptions.

Maybe, after all, my  New Old Body is simply sick and tired of not being heard by its inhabitant.

Okay. *S.I.G.H.* 

Until I figure out WHAT this New Old Body is saying:

  • I WILL try to wallow around in it.
  • I WILL try to adjust....especially my attitude.
  • I WILL try to stop complaining.


(Did I say that I am NOT good at learning new languages ???)

Thank you for listening.

Praying for courage,