Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer & Grass Burrs in Texas: A Last Word

 - - - or a few thousand words..... a picture being worth so many.... 
The drought goes on. And on.
To the point we let the grass go, even around the house.
Our prayer is that we can save some of our old trees around the house.

In the back yard, Cocoa & Ava innocently search for gopher holes

Unaware the still green "sticker patch" lurks under their noses

While just one step over is a brittle, brown, dagger just brown and ripe enough to strike.

BUT !!! Ah-ha !! The just-four-months-in-the-ground Sage blooms away !

So. When Summer gives dry, parched days with unbearable temperatures and
. . . I just go inside, bake Apple-WholeWheat-Honey Muffins
...and continue praying for rain.

Living Well in God’s Mercy

P.S. Thank you, Sally, for your awesome proofing. Guess what.... Encarta Dictionary really guesses about those stickers we lovingly refer to as burrs. :-)