Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who Are They Calling ELDERLY???

Don’t you just NOT LIKE IT AT ALL when you read …..

 “Use this medicine (or treatment or whatever) with caution in the ELDERLY…..”


 Who chose to identify ME as ELDERLY ???

I ask you: when does one fall into the description / category….

The ELDERLY. ?????????

How do you know if you are ELDERLY?
Is there a magic time? Is there an invisible mark on the wall?

Okay, so . . .

                    What about AGED?

Good wine, good bourbon, and really good cheeses are FABULOUS when AGED.

I believe the description is: aged to perfection.

Ahhhhhh I can somehow maybe deal with AGED.

           What about being MATURE?

Honey, let me tell you: I’ve earned every single strand of my WHITE HAIR. It yells volumes. As do EACH of my wrinkles. MATURE is actually a great compliment. Believe me, I've learned a LOT in all these years and can tell anybody how to do anything (if they would just ASK ME !!) !!!

 But - - ELDERLY ????  

  • I don’t mind being a senior citizen.
  • I don’t mind being mature.
  • I don’t mind being a wise older lady.
  • Aged and Mature – well…. okay.
BUT……let me just say while I can still speak for myself….  my whole system breaks down and BALKS at


Yes, I am WELL aware that one week from today my birthday cake will glow (loudly) with SEVENTY-SIX candles and will most likely set off the smoke alarm.

But, I will NOT accept

      So, is it my attitude? My dress? My voice?
My ….. What is it that makes ME elderly  ????????????

I admit it……

          I am tired.

          I move slowly.

          I have a LOT of aches and pains.

          LOTS and LOTS of health challenges.

          I sometimes search for words.

          I slip easily into memory lane trips.

HOWEVER,  I remind you: I’ve earned a little rest and a lot of respect.
And I want it NOW.

                So, please: Don’t call me


 Now that I've spoken my piece, please go forth to enjoy your day. I hope your February day is as nice as it is in Texas..... cool, sunny, and breezy.

Hugs, Blessings, and