Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet Husband Spring Story

Spring has teased us about its arrival this year. A lot.

This is my prized Lemon Verbena coming to life on March 3!! This herb is the absolute ingredient for Liz's Luscious Lemonade and I thought it had died dead in our days-on-end of teen-degree freezes. Then, ZAP, another quick but heavy freeze took it out again two days later.

B U T........
Ah Ha! Here are BOTH of my brave, tenacious plants on March 23 after their second re-birth. There WILL be lemonade this summer!

But on to the Sweet Husband Story I promised you when we were buried under INTENT.

On March 23 (last Wednesday), the sun sparkled outside our kitchen window. Spring had already peered around the corner several times—just to see if we were paying attention. Sadly, I was too involved with daily life to notice. Such as:
  • half a dozen medical appointments in as many days
  • back to M-W-F workouts at the pool for daughter and me
  • COMPLETED our annual tax information for our beloved Number Cruncher
  • completed (in one week) the Memory Book for Little Brother’s FIFTIETH wedding anniversary
  • Ash Wednesday services
  • a trip out to Cowboy’s for Jesus Christian Fellowship at Fischer, Texas for the anniversary celebration
     So, yawning on the morning of the 23rd, I looked up to find – oops! Spring HAD arrived. Dear Heart came home from errands and said, “Why the sad face? Can I help?”
    I know that he knows that he always bites off more than he wants to take time for when he asks that, but he continues to ask it--much to my delight!

“Well, look at the back yard, Honey. It’s warm out. I saw a hummingbird this morning. And I’m positive we finally have our very own family of Cardinals nesting in our yard.”

“Yes, I’ve seen them. Haven’t you been luring them to nest here for about three years?”

“Well. Yes. But…”

Somehow, he didn’t see this one coming.

“Our bird feeders aren’t out yet.” **deep, deep SIGH **

Am I a blessed woman or what? NO,
that is NOT spelled:

                         S – P – O – I – L – E - D.

Dear Heart said, “Where do you want the feeders?” We talked about options and I went about cleaning the kitchen, thinking we would attend the feeders at some later *sigh* time.

When I turned around from the kitchen sink, this is what I saw in our back yard. I barely had time to grab the camera.

Where there is a DETERMINED man, there IS a way….
My darlin on his Trusty Wheel Machine dragging the hose to the Oak tree to soften the hard-dry ground so he can “plant”  the feeder hanger by the swing.

Note my hero's faithful companion, Ava, watching every move. 

Almost..... hold steady....  

                                                Yes !!!!ATTACHED   !!!!!

Now around to the front yard to go through the rolling steps all over again !!!

Number Two Feeder ATTACHED!!!!

So, since Dear Heart was such a dear heart, I got busy and mixed up a batch of humming bird food, cleaned out a couple of feeders.
View from our kitchen table - through the window and screen. In a couple of days, there'll be three feeders along the back porch.  

Sure enough, Mr. Scout showed up. I don't yet know which does what for whom but there is a time when one hummer guards with his life and refuses any other hummingbird access to his "find." Later, three, four, and five will feed at the same time.

SUGAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


     I just wanted my readers to know the heart of my husband.
Turns out, as well I know my husband, his heart is bigger heart than I realized.

      Just as I finished writing this entry and downloading pictures, my sweetheart came in to the office and after some lengthy discussion, he said, “YOU are going to Kentucky!!” He’ll stay home and care for the animals and daughter and I will take five days—1 day out, 3 days there, 1 day back.
     You see, my eleven-year-old granddaughter is writing a book and wants her Memaw’s interest. She was also diagnosed with Type 1 Jr. Diabetes last month. She is doing fine and has met this head on refusing to let it get the best of her. But her grandmother NEEDS to see in person and hold in arms and whisper in ears.

Maybe it is spoiled. I know for sure I am deeply blessed. And, I have time to rest, plan, finish the laundry, worship with community, and pack.

Actually, these are numbers 120 through 130 on my Giving Thanks by NAMING God's Blessings and Graces List. From Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts book and blog and life. If you haven't read it, do it SOON. By Easter, you'll have a brand new concept of your Abba Father God's deep, deep love that comes in ways you would never imagine.

And, yes, this is LONG.... but ONE MORE THING.......
     Speaking of all things SPRING and God’s promises, please take time for a blessing and check out The Chrysalis of Faith about all things Butterflies at Mother Inferior's site: My sweet friend Dena writes of faith, family, work, and trusting God. 

     I will leave you with words of my Master that have gotten me through these last few deeply troubling days: Jesus said,
"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."  Read His other words at Matthew 11: 28-30.
Just a sinner standing on His Promises,

   Love,  Liz