Sunday, March 3, 2013

More on 76 and Counting……

     I don’t “do” resolutions. At all. But a HUGE list grows longer and more desperate by the minute as I wander around in this unknown, winding, sometimes treacherous, and always exciting journey through this the most unusual quarter of my life.

Last fall, as we prepared for Grandson’s wedding and for my pop-in-and-out routine knee replacement surgery, things got slightly out of control. Storage wise. I did not worry much because the plan was for me to be home and healthy and able to take care of storage and other important stuff well before Christmas.

Believe me, I learned (the hard way) that the old saying is oh-so-very-true:

1. Hard Manual Household Labor SCREAMS

This house MUST be cleaned OUT:
Our office.
My office Closet
Books / Book Cases
My desk
Dear Heart's Desk
Our Filing Cabinets
     Stuff !!!!!!
Our Bathroom Closet—linens, extras, meds, first aid, and
The inside hall store room—seasonal holidays, wrapping, out of season clothes, and
The outside storage room. You don’t even want to know.

An added problem is that, one by one, the young men who helped me with back-breaking and knee-suffering jobs like these through the years have: grown up and/or moved away: or, gone into other more lucrative and stable employment.
Must find new helpers because the REALITY of this quarter of my life is that it is impossible for me to do these things by myself ANY LONGER.
Must be done.
Gotta do it.
And I mean, savagely. With reckless abandon. Wildly.
Throw away. Give away. Rearrange. Throw away more. Organize. Add more to the give-away stack.


2. Now. Quiet Time. For Morning Prayer
“In the morning give us your mercy in full measure; so that we may have joy and delight all our days.”
                                                                                         (Psalm 90:14, BBE) 
Isn't it sweet to serve a God who loves us and invited us to receive his joy and delight... in ALL our days?
May God's sweetest blessings fill each of your mornings.