Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer Reads

           The beginning of a new season changes the landscape, temperature, and often it changes my attitude. Remains to be seen.
          While I love and adore autumn—the colors, cleaner air, and harvest moons—many good things happened this summer and I am not completely ready to let go.

  •  During the summer of 2013, I experienced a firm healing from the rigors of last winter’s major physical challenges. 
  •   God celebrated the last day of summer by sending deep, soaking rains to much of drought-parched Texas. We are not out of danger yet, but the respite is pure Grace.
  • The Texas heat intensified the rigors of bidding farewell to some friends who found rest in our Father’s arms.
  • The dry, parched heat produced more fervent prayers in my own heart for other friends battling that dreaded and horrific Big C.  

           As I did prayer-battle with my Holy Father on behalf of friends and family, my human frustration and anger increased. It has been a mighty struggle. Thankfully, God can handle my human-ness and somehow, He is providing peace and grace that soothes the rough edges.
          I read the summer away. I found escape and comfort and solace in fiction. I needed to REST, which is HARD. I don’t know how. But, I tried. Reading helped.
          I had me a good ole fashioned reading party this summer. Of course, I MUST share my fiction finds with other readers.
          Keep in mind that my always number one remarkable most WOW!!! He Did It Again fiction author is NICHOLAS SPARKS. Oh my, this ole heart of mine would jump up and dance if I could write one short chapter sorta / kinda / even close to just five paragraphs of Nick’s work. However, I read ONLY one of his screeching novels this summer: The Best of Me. It wasn’t my all-time favorite but glad I made the journey.

         My real excitement came from new-to-me authors. All are Christian fiction writers which turned out to be good. I seldom ever read “inspirational Christian romance.” But, any shade in a hot summer! Here, in order of my best of the best awards, is my summer reading list. I’d love to hear about your favorite reads.

          1.  Sharon K. Souza *****
                    Lying on Sunday:  excellent story; my absolute favorite; brilliant writing; great crafting; believable characters; Christian fiction that is outstanding.
                    Every Good and Perfect Gift; well-written, surprising story line, beautiful characters; 
                   Unraveled: Sharon’s usual good writing—each of her books has a different and distinct character voice so the reader is never bored; this one has more humor
          2.  Patti Hill ****
                    Goodness & Mercy: my second favorite; took awhile to figure out where the story was going (and could have been my problem, not the author’s), then I got hooked and forgot I was reading fiction; excellent Christian fiction.
                    Seeing Things: honesty demands I tie this one with “second favorite;” this story of a 70-something is so accurate, the reader believes that the author, Ms Hill, must be an old woman—which she is NOT; hilarious, delightful, sad, beautiful, bitter, charming; definite Christian fiction but written with class and believability.
          3.  Heidi Kreider ***
                    The Secret of Counting Gifts (Liz’s Legacy): Heidi’s writing kept me glued on this one; the story of friendship and faith with a surprise ending; beautifully written.
          4.  Melinda Evaul *
                    Grow Old With Me: a believable main character, easily understood; good story line; Ms Evaul writes well as far as inspirational Christian romance goes. 
          5.  Rose Ross Zediker *
                    Lily of the Field: a well-written sweet story, but, again, inspirational Christian romance is not my favorite genre…..too often not believable.
          6.  Heather Hunt
                    Aging with Gracie; again…honesty calls; a Christian fiction but I have not finished this one; it did not grab me, or compel me to keep turning the pages; I might try to finish it; if I do, I’ll report again.

So. Is it a deal????? I gave you my honest opinion. What was YOUR most FAVORITE summer read?????

Let us always depend on the Perfect Book,
Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.  Psalm 119:105 NAS

Blessings to you from the most Human of all His Children,
  P. S. I found all the above books on Amazon for the Kindle on my iPad. What a deal !!!