Friday, February 14, 2014

Another Kind of Valentine

How was your Valentine Day? Blessed and sweet and loving, I hope.
This is not a "throwback" day, but... it is interesting how life ebbs and flows.

Picture it..... February 14, 2001. Fredericksburg, Texas. Two seniors, an older widower and an old widow. JUST ENJOYING EACH OTHER'S COMPANY.
THAT WAS ALL.   !!!!!

Notice, I was already washing dishes......
Time Passes. He gets too serious. I stop seeing him because this old woman AIN'T GONNA MARRY AGAIN. Then, his 104-year-old mother dies in October and I visit the family.

Somehow, it is February 14, 2002.
I went to Sara Sota Florida to meet his late wife's family.... have no idea now what I could have been thinking......
Of course, when that older guy got on his knees with roses and a lovely antique engagement ring in hand and words that stopped time and my heart.... of course I said, "Oh my."

If you know anything at all about either of us, you'll understand that neither of us could sneak off and wed quietly. Besides, each of us had individual and mutual friends, siblings and spouses, many loving and precious children/spouses, grands/spouses, and he had greats so there was only one way to do it.
Big, Rambunctious, and Fun.
So. Picture it, September 28, 2002.


Two busy lives became one huge event and one simple thing led to another celebration. Soon, there was a large blended family that gathered routinely for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, Christmases, Easters, Spring Breaks, and just-becauses. Our families also assembled during those times when either of us endured one or another of our bleak and difficult medical emergencies.

I suppose we have weathered the years fairly well, considering our myriad of health issues, our ages, and the trials and tribs we've survived. 
Of course we needed name tags !!!!!!

So, today, on this our thirteenth Valentine Day together, guess what. Yeah.......
        He was up early to let our faithful and spoiled dog, Ava, out. They breakfasted together. Daughter wandered in from her room for breakfast later. Son dropped in from down the road just to say "hey."             Finally, after a much needed long and very restful night's sleep, I got up very LATE. *yawn*

Then. B*O*R*I*N*G  ......
 After coffee and a visit with Dear Heart, I put away our new crop of sprouts, freshly ready for the fridge, cleaned up the kitchen, started more laundry, folded sheets and towels already dry. Dear Heart listened to news on the radio, rode down to the mail box on his trusty 4-wheel scooter, made lunch for himself, and settled at the TV for an afternoon of golf. I cleaned up the guest room after a 3-day guest departed yesterday, cleaned off my desk, ran more laundry, and FINALLY got all our financial STUFF organized and cleaned up. *drum roll PLEASE*
      The three of us enjoyed big salads and home-baked (no, not home MADE lol )pizza for supper then I texted with my daughter-in-love, Julie before clearing up the kitchen, again.

I don't know about you and your celebrations, but Dear Heart and I are just thrilled we have each other. One day next week, when our tourist town is not so crowded, and our schedules permit, he will take me to lunch at our favorite Herb Farm. He will pray and we will chat, reminiscence, talk about our spring plans, wonder about the kids, and remember a dozen other Valentine Days we have shared. 

We will hope for a dozen more.

I think a good Love scripture to leave with you tonight is one that keeps Gus and me going on even the hard days...... From Psalm 79:13 . . .
                         "Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture,
                           will praise you forever; from generation to generation
                                          we will proclaim your praise."

Hope your Valentine was blessed, also.