Monday, April 29, 2013

Flash Posting from the queen of Perfection

Most likely, even  my regular readers don't know that I've never made a single post just 'off the cuff." I write and think on a post for hours in my Word program.  I edit, format, and copy. then i go to Blogspot and paste into a post.

Today, I'm waiting to see my doctor WITH my new iPad and decided to step into the brave new adventure of posting "on the go."

Unless you know me well, you can't imagine the terror clutching my heart.....and fingers. Editing and formatting is the way I write AND the way I live my life... All very carefully planned out, organized, rearranged, considered, EDITED and FORMATTED with a plan.

There are actually several hundred things floating in my old brain that I would love to chat about with you. But, I'll leave them for another time. I made a promise to myself to write more on my blog. "Flash" writing has never been my favorite form of setting words onto paper, but it is a great way to learn to trust the writer hiding in my soul.

I have finally faced the truth that since my severe medical ordeal last winter, my life IS not the same. Things: -health - emotions - endurance - thinking will never be as good or as strong as before.

HOWEVER, things are okay and life goes on. With Adjustments. And with the willingness to learn new ways. Of course, learning to live with the demon Restless Leg-Syndrome is a whole different ball game and i've never been good at sports.. But, again, life is livable and there is hope. 

So. Least you think I live  a  totally negative existence, HOPE is a very good thing. So are friends, prayer, lunch visits, desserts, watching billowing clouds through the window in my doctor's office, getting frequent phone calls from my best prayer partner { my daughter-IN -LAW. :-). }, and red petunias.

How sweet it is.

And that's enough said.