Monday, December 22, 2014

Time Out to Smile

The past two weeks have been difficult. Downright awful.
       Two of us down with an unknown strain of flu. I had to make a trip the emergency room last Sunday to stop out my siege of bronchitis.
       Ahhh, but things improved for two days and I gave thanks, cheered, got remembrance cards off to all our kids and grands and greats. 
ON  l  A  l   R.O.L.L.
       Oops. Celebrated too quickly. A second trip the the emergency room for me. Saturday morning I woke up to the strangest sensations. Ended up—of all the weird things for me whose blood pressure hovers at almost ZERO—I had severe high blood pressure. Yeah. And I lost another whole day.

Goodness sakes gracious alive.

I lost the energy and time to keep up and totally forgot to write a joyful post for the fourth Sunday of Advent--
the pink candle--the Sunday to REJOICE--the Sunday to celebrate JOY

I don’t even know where I am in my MUST DO LIST or my URGENT LIST and I completely lost my CAN NOT WAIT ANOTHER SECOND LIST.

So, tonight is TIME OUT for FUN.

Christmas Sox.

I love Christmas socks.

Christmas hosiery is awesome.

However you spell it.

They fit. They are warm. They don’t roll down to my ankles. My shoes don’t eat them.

I have tried ordinary sox after socks after footwear. Miserable.
Expensive ones. Cheap ones. Fuzzy, slick, thin, athletic, running, sleeping, and knee-high ones.

  • Now I have found socks that are comfy, cozy, contented, and cute.
  • They shall become my go-to guys.
  • My every-day-survival foot coverings.
  • My keep-me-from-anguish solution.
  • I will identified as:

“Liz. You know…that old woman.
The CRAZY one who wears Christmas socks ALL YEAR LONG.”

That’s okay. My Christmas socks stay where they belong.
My feet stay warm in my Christmas sox.
Christmas hosiery does not cut off the circulation in my legs.

Laugh if you will. Snicker if you must.

I shall NOT be daunted. This old woman will happily prance through the remaining years of my life in COMFORT.

Hugs and Merry Christmas,