Monday, February 20, 2012

Glancing Back .... AND a Look Forward ...

Funny year. My 75th.

They’ said it was because I could not be surprised on my 75th birthday.
So ‘they’ pulled off a big surprise party for me last year on my 74th.
*whew* Glad THAT is over and done with !!!!
On my blog last year, I promised to post pictures.
Pictures never got posted.
Don’t know why.

But, the party was fun!!! I’ll scatter some photographs through this post. J

          After that fabulous party, the ensuing year got r.e.a.l.l.y. strange. Not because I had suddenly become “old.” At least, I don’t think so. Life just happens while you live it. Know what I mean?
          These days, things should be easier with just three of us in our household…. my grown daughter Precious, Dear Heart, and me. But, one or the other of us kept battling various health challenges… all year. And while those frustrating health challenges haven’t let up, gone away, or improved very much, the three of us keep holding on!! Most days, we even laugh and hug and smile.
My birthday DAY. With Dear Heart. 2-25-2011: Dinner with Melinda and Rusty, Cindy, Michael. Special night !!
          And now, today, for no particular reason, I looked back over my blog for the past year. My posts ebbed and flowed…along with my health. The beautiful surprise is that the posts that received the most comments were the ones I penned after a long absence. How sweet is that ???    It is REALLY sweet !!!
          This afternoon, I also read again the post I wrote last year on the day before my birthday. It was a tribute to my mother—and my daddy. Awesome people, MayBeth and Mack. In my humble opinion, that post was especially delightful!
Birthday girl last year with her baby brother. :-)

If you missed the story of our parents and my birth,—or want to enjoy it again (wow, bold of me, huh???), here is the date: Thursday, February 24, 201, The Day Before Tomorrow
Surprised with cake made by soon-to-be granddaughter-in-law Ashley. Who planned the whole day... just for me.

So, tonight, I have several things on my heart AND on my:
What-Will-I-Do-With-My-Time-This-Year? List
…in addition to Grandson John’s wedding in November…..
          1. Only because I’m compelled to live my life fully as long as I live, I am reading and will study and report on Billy Graham’s book Nearing Home. Delightful book. Billy says, “Growing old has been the greatest surprise of my life.” Along with Dr. Graham, I, too, want to finish well.  
      2. I am also in the process of selecting a word or phrase to study, to claim, to define this 76th year of my life. In recent years, my words have been: “clutter,” “intentionally intent,” “gratitude,” and “contentment.” Lately, my prayer time continues to be drawn back to my old nemesis “trust.” I may just have to finally tackle TRUST head on, now that I’ve bumped into this ¾ of a century mark. (Appears to me that this—more or less—last quarter might be a tad difficult.)
          3. Read a new Nicholas Sparks book. Ohio Granddaughter visited last week and she and I had a great conversation about our shared love/hate relationships with Mr. Sparks. Young Granddaughter and I agree he tops the list of favorite novelists. I wrote a short story a couple of years ago that my local writing group did not like. The story had a very abrupt and unhappy ending. I finally changed the ending a little bit just to appease the ladies, but I learned that kind of writing from Nicholas Sparks. (tee hee and I really like writing that way J)
          4. Knit a dressy, flimsy scarf for Julie’s birthday. Even though I have until August and it just “looks” like my daughter-in-law, the yarn is slightly intimidating.
          5. Attend two writers’ conferences….
(a) Johnson City Library 4th Annual Writers Conference, February 29, 2012. because it is so close to home, a good place to meet other local writers, and great, inspiring speakers.
(b) Christian Writers Group of Greater San Antonio Area, March 9, 2012, featuring Message, Ministry and Momentum with Sharon Norris Elliott, and NOT just because at last year’s conference I won the door prize which was free attendance at the 2012 conference!!!!! Woooo-hoooo, here I come !!
          6. Post on this blog more often…. There are MANY things on my heart to share with you.
          7. FINISH my novel about the slave family I invented… Emma, Annie, Molly, Sarah, Rebecca ... well, yeah, along with James, Silas, Will, and Ben.... Will they make it home... or to freedom ... safely?????

STOP !!!!!!! It is said that SEVEN is a complete number. So, my list for the year is more than done. ugh. And, now, with so much to do, I best stop this rabbit trail and get busy. But, just one more memory....

Reagan and her hand/heart-made card with her Aunt Lizzie
 Okay. 'Nuff said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Prayers and blessings to all of you,


P.S. The hill country of Texas is giving great thanks for our recent rains. Just this past 3 days, we measured almost 2”. Thank You, Heavenly Father for your merciful gift. We will try to use it wisely.

P.S. 2 The surprise I believed could not happen included a table beautifully decoraded, loaded with food and flowers provided by family and friends:
I am absolutely a blessed woman !!!