Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Care Giver Gets Care

I knew it would happen.
         I dreaded it.
It is now necessary.
        I whined and complained and worried. Mostly to my Heavenly Father who listens patiently to ALL my aggravations and fears.
        When I had to stand at the window for extra light to read fine print, I caved.
ALRIGHT  !!    OKAY   !!

I am always amazed (do not ask me why….’cause I’m a frail human I guess) that God handles so much for me. Most nights I stand in the shower at the end of a long day of being in charge of everything for everybody and I begin to cry. Before I can get out a really good sob, I begin to offer praises to my Father. Things that were amazing and awesome during the day jump to mind and I give thanks. So, before I realize what has happened, I am calm and head to bed feeling protected and loved. Even when things around me are painful, sad, hurtful somehow I know He cares. Even when I’m very made at God because my friend’s husband’s cancer is not healed. Obviously God has very broad shoulders and is absolutely forgiving.

Yes, I know that it seems I am on a “rabbit trail.” Be patient.

        How, I asked myself a couple of thousand times, can I possible have a cataract procedure when I am responsible for my household? I’m the only driver, lifter, doer, fixer, encourager, director. (Yes, I hate being the “strong one” but that’s our situation so I deal with it!!)

          First, my friend of 40+ years called to tell me about her DOUBLE cataract procedure. Piece of cake, she PROMISED. Blow by blow description; excited that it was so easy, that she was not nervous, was not aware of anything, and that she could SEE again. She promised the eye doctor is the best anywhere. My friend promised to do all my transportation, stay with me, watch over me, and deliver me back home. She promised to begin praying for my peace immediately.

Okay. It was some better.

Second, a younger writer friend sent me a happy e-mail assuring me that my eye doctor is WONDERFUL. She and the doctor are close friends and she trusts the doctor completely.

Okay. So I make the appointment.

Not too bad. I meet the doctor. WOW. My jitters simply melted. The doctor said the second eye is ready and should be done in two weeks. I grinned and said, “Let’s do it!!”

         In twenty-four house, my faithful friend of 40+ years will pick me up at my door and we will ride off to my great adventure together. I really can trust her because, believe me, we have been through thick and thin, well and sick, bad and good, births and deaths. We have held onto each other and each of us holds tightly to our Holy Father. All IS well.

           I’ve laid in enough groceries for three weeks for us people and for the cat, dog, birds, and hummingbirds. All our prescriptions are ordered and ready to pick up today to last through the time I can’t drive. All my eye appointments are organized, I’m on schedule with eye drops, the laundry is almost finished. I even filled the car with gas so when I can drive, it will be ready.

There is one big problem for this old, sat-in-my-ways, Busy Person.

            After each procedure, I am to spend the remainder of that day ‘just laying around, being quiet and still.’ The second day, I am to take it easy. HUH??????????

            How do I do that if I can’t see the TV, my iPad, read e-mails, check FaceBook, read one of the five books on my night stand, or type on my computer. ??????????

Well, I guess I’ll discover patience at work.

            I will be honest though. Many hospital visits have not been great experiences for me so I deeply appreciate your prayers for safety and two successful procedures. Routinely, I claim the promise below from Hebrews of for many friends who are being dragged through rough mountains. I am claiming the promise for me over the next three weeks.

Sunshine blessings and Love,

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace
with confidence,
so that we may receive mercy
and find grace to help us
in our time of need.
Hebrews 4:16 (NIV)