Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Summer of Thanksgiving

          There are THOSE days.
We’ve had a lot of them lately.
You know the kind….overwhelming, hard, painful, or just plain boring.
It seems that THOSE days happen all too frequently.
          Our household is a blend of many things and life has changed drastically for us during the past three years. As we age and fight medical / physical battles, sometimes we seem to run on empty. We had to stay home this month when the rest of our family gathered in Ohio for a grandson’s wedding. Time was when we could go and do with the best of them. Not this year

          But, it has rained in the Texas Hill Country recently. So, we have been giving thanks to our Holy Father. It has been real, wet, soaking rain straight from His hands and not from our sprinklers. More often than not, Texas does not get good rains in the summer. In addition to just normal dry conditions of typical summers, we have struggled with a terrible and most dangerous drought for the past several years.

          This summer the rains came. For a while. Not to stay. But water fell from heaven enough to cause us to pause and give thanks and remember the fire dangers of last summer.

          Then there is the THANKS          bonus. You know the kind….those unexpected whoopppee things discovered only when you stop to give thanks for little things.

A few million words in a few pictures......

July 1, 2011
Same Tree this summer, June 28, 2014

The fig tree I gave my husband
June, 2013 for his birthday
His fig tree this summer !!!!

And look.... that little darlin is bearing
fruit already this summer !!!
Crepe Myrtle by our house this year

As long as we are giving thanks, a few million more words . . .

Four generations gather to celebrate Dad/Dada's
91st birthday. WOW
Sisters by choice
Finding fun where we can

My hat - fits many folks.
Melinda's summer garden hat is white

So my toes are sparkle red for summer

Little things. But great things. Good things that add joy and contemplation and gratitude and laughter to our hearts.

Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind.

And now I'll sign off by saying... it is good to spend time with friends... giving thanks!!!