Monday, February 28, 2011

74 and Counting

I can testify that God’s Word can be trusted.
            I've been carrying you on my back  from the day you were born, and I'll keep on carrying you when you're old. I'll be there, bearing you when you're old and gray.
Isaiah 46: 4

I am just one life. In all of creation, that is such a little thing. But, let me tell you how I know God’s Word is true.

The one Triune God has carried me every single day, all through each year, decade in and decade out. I did not make it easy for Him, but my Father God never dropped me. There are examples and stories and many are not pretty but for today, there is a beautiful, love story.

I celebrated my 74th  birthday last Friday. God has carried me every one of those days and years and decades. Mile after mile, bridge after bridge, over mountains, in dark valleys, and through brick walls.
  Technically, last Friday was the FIRST day of my 75th year. You know what we say about a new baby.
            “Ahhh, the new baby is 2 days old”
                        Then, “Wow, she is already 7 months old and crawling”
                                    And, “Look! he is 10 months old and ready to really talk!”

Then, doesn’t it follow that today I am 74 years and 4 days old?
Yes. I believe so! But, not to worry. Here’s what I’ve learned in only four days:

            I can NOT clean my whole house all by myself in just ONE day any more
            I can find ways (usually) to deal with aches, pains, and sleeplessness
            It is good that (hopefully) ¼ of my life is left for ... ?my choice!!
            It is a good thing to take some of my time to “just be”

            On Sunday, Dear Heart, Precious Daughter, Almost-Granddaughter-in-law and I worshipped together then casually enjoyed Sunday lunch out. Beautiful day.
            Meanwhile, behind my back and unknown to me, 30 of my family and friends were gathering at MY HOUSE. They were busy bringing in food, lemonade, ice, and water, setting a birthday table in MY dining room, taking pictures of THEIR fun, clearing off the weeds from the horseshoe pit, and waiting…and waiting… and waiting for the birthday girl to arrive.
            All for me. Just because it was my birthday.

I write over and over on this blog that I am a greatly blessed woman.

There WILL be pictures.

Furthermore, the remainder of God’s Word in Isaiah 46 proclaims:
            I've done it and will keep on doing it, carrying you on my back, saving you.

Although I sometimes forget, God IS the I Am. I need not be afraid.

My you celebrate the beauty of your birthday every single day!