Thursday, June 20, 2013

No, Never... uhhhhh... well

       I'm at home sick, today. Of course, as an old retired granny, I'm always home, but today I could not take Dear Heart to an out of town doctor's appointment (we deeply THANK his "little brother" for providing assistance). Seems I've got another "upper-respiratory-something" and it's hard to lie down or walk upright so this is a good time to let my fingers do my walking and try to reconnect with good cyber friends.

       It has become apparent in recent months that I've crossed a BROAD line in the sand and that I NOW DO things I promised myself and all of humanity I would NEVER EVER sink to doing.

HA !!!!

1.  WHOSE FEET ARE THOSE ??????????????

Yeah, those are MY feet

So, you ask, what's the problem? Duhhhh.... Liz in SNEAKERS..... and wearing ...... (oh my goodness I can't watch) LOW CUT SOCKS. ???????????
2.  It never, ever occurred to me that I would so much as even go to my kitchen in the mornings without perfectly applied make-up???? Worse, LEAVE HOME without makeup??? No matter the time of day, destination, or miscellaneous excuses. NO. NEVER. NO WAY. NOT ME.
No, I am NOT posting a photo.
3.  Never in all my years since being about 15 have I GONE ANY PLACE  sans ear rings. Dear Heart has had to turn the car around on one or two occassions I forgot. But.... not this chick or old lady. ('nuff said)
       While confession is not necessarily good for my soul, somehow I though it might help me muddle through these--hopefully finalal--days of still recovering from last winter's health ordeals.
       Perhaps my admissions will even encourage ME, MYSELF, and I to get back on my self proclaimed path to
Grow Old Gracefully.
       As long as "we" are fearlessly and honestly sharing . . . . do any of you, my faithful and beautiful readers, have any of your own: Now I'm Doing What I Said I Would Never Do things you want to share ???? If you dare to go bravely into admission, we'll have some fun sharing. Not to worry..... I will NOT include names. Promise.
The best part is that my prayer today, for you and for me, is that we will
humbly practice the presence of our holy and loving Father God.

L i z