Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lost and not Found

Just so you'll know that you won't know....
There are three translations of Holy Scripture on my desk plus a 10th Edition of Merriam Webster. {Yeah, that really dates me; but it still helps}
My post on the first verst of Isaiah 12 was almost finished. Brilliant. Inspiring. And surely it would have given glory and praise to my Father.
Then in an instant, the whole thing absolutely, completely EVAPORATED.
I hit ????????????? something?????????????????? When I should have hit ??????????
Blank page.
So, since I have an extra hour to sleep, I'll quietly post this for you and tiptoe off to bed.
And I'll give thanks that my High Holy Father finds me every time I wander off down strange paths.

Or lose my way looking down instead of up.

May your sleep be blessed with peace and rest. I'll pray about the words I lost and ask for direction for my fingers as they clink on the computer keys tomorrow afternoon then I'll sing myself to sleep with the great thanksgivings of Isaiah.
Because God wrote His Book and thought of me from the beginning, I'll keep praising Him.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Speaking of Time - - Again - - and Joyful Hearts

     Winterizing is well under way. Yes, even here in sometimes balmy Texas hill country. Very often and with little notice, a shivery cold norther blows in that kills beautiful summer and fall plants. Moving pots around these years isn't as fun as it used to be when teenage son lived at home before he became a marine or when teenage grandson lived at home before he went off to big city to get a college degree. *sigh*
     Point being.... it is NOVEMBER all ready!

A typical November dusk scene on our hill
     Our AVERAGE first freeze in these parts drops its temps around November 7, which is a couple of days from now on the first Sunday of the month. (That reminds me of another post about All-Saints Day. But that's for later.)
     If you read this often, you'll remember how I whine and carry on about changes that refuse to stay the same? *big, huge, double sigh* So now we have to change our clocks A G A I N  !! They tell me that I can count on an extra hour of sleep Saturday night, but what with Saturday being the first day of deer hunting (around these hills we call it making the roads safe for bikers and autos) our family tradition is to drive down the lane for the Neighborhood-Annual-Hunting-First-Day party. Starts 'bout dark-thirty, the hostess cooks up enough chili to feed an army, all the neighbors bring sides or desserts. We have a wide assortment of firemen in our neighborhood and unless there is an absolutel ban, we'll warm ourselves around a bonfire while guys and some die-hard gals wander between the house, the food barn, and the den --that's where the TV is-to check on the state of miscellaneous favorite football teams.
     Besides having to think of something interesting to take along as our offering, my grandson reminded me that Thanksgiving is around the corner and his girl friend's family will join us again this year. Our dining table is the longest one so we gather at our house; her daddy cooks the turkey; her step-mom makes a Russian dish; and I make the dressing. The girls do the other sides and we have desserts to spare. So everyone gets their favorite.
     In between all these things, I've got to dig out my molasses and snicker-doodle cookie recipes.
     AND. In between all the above happeningss, I PROMISE before next week is gone, I'll give you a run-down on all the fun blogs I've discovered. Today's young women are amazing and inspiring me. Mostly I sit here reading and thinking, "How did they get so smart so young???" Then I'm going to get back to enjoying blogs written by my own generations. Come to think of it, we might be able to show you youngsters a things or two, also!!!
      Today at communion, our Pastor said she has decided to post one thing she is thankful for on her Face Book every day between now and Thanksgiving. Danielle, I'll take you on! For starters, let's read a VERY short chapter in (of all places) Isaiah 12. There are only 6 verses and yes, I could post it here, but look it up. Savor it. If you're of the age, memorize it. I've meditated on it a lot this week, but I need some more grateful heart.
Because, after all, He gave me everything!!