Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lost and not Found

Just so you'll know that you won't know....
There are three translations of Holy Scripture on my desk plus a 10th Edition of Merriam Webster. {Yeah, that really dates me; but it still helps}
My post on the first verst of Isaiah 12 was almost finished. Brilliant. Inspiring. And surely it would have given glory and praise to my Father.
Then in an instant, the whole thing absolutely, completely EVAPORATED.
I hit ????????????? something?????????????????? When I should have hit ??????????
Blank page.
So, since I have an extra hour to sleep, I'll quietly post this for you and tiptoe off to bed.
And I'll give thanks that my High Holy Father finds me every time I wander off down strange paths.

Or lose my way looking down instead of up.

May your sleep be blessed with peace and rest. I'll pray about the words I lost and ask for direction for my fingers as they clink on the computer keys tomorrow afternoon then I'll sing myself to sleep with the great thanksgivings of Isaiah.
Because God wrote His Book and thought of me from the beginning, I'll keep praising Him.


  1. I've had that happen too - a beautiful post just disappeared. But what a sweet reminder that I am never lost to God.

  2. That is why writers / bloggers NEED readers...Thank you, Country Gal, for setting my priorities straight! God, indeed, is my only compass.