Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My World Keeps Turning

…albeit…. S  L  O  W  L  Y.

Perhaps the weather condition of my home state reflects in the condition of my blog posting—or lack thereof—over the past several months:

85% of Texas is in either extreme or exceptional drought, the two worst categories. 

My hometown of Fredericksburg is in the Exceptional Mode.

Exceptional being AWFUL - - DRY - - - parched.

In addition to drying up, our temperatures are high and higher. We are inching our way upwards from 42 days of triple digit temperatures. For those of you who, like me, are slow in math, “triple digits” is a fancy term for anything over

of hot, hotter and hottest temperatures.

Today in Kerrville, Texas – a mere 20 miles from Hometown – the outside temperature registered

No rain means dry fields, empty creeks, dry lawns, dying trees, no wildflowers, and precious few weeds. It means livestock are sold off at rock bottom prices and that wild animals—deer, raccoons, skunks, possums—are skin and bones skinny and hungry and thirsty. And dying.

Our Texas hill country has had more than our share of drought conditions off and on during the past several years.
Believe me that dry is bad even in the winter because dry burns regardless of the temperature.
But DRY in summer is frightening because summer-hot dry burns faster and hotter and in the blink of an eye.

Do you remember reading Erma Bombeck’s The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank? Wise woman, Erma. Here’s a picture of the pasture, way behind our house, that sits on top of our septic tank. J

Notice the dry, burned-up, wasted pasture all around.

At church the other day, some of our local friends complained to me about our neighbor across the road and his use of EVERYONE’s underground water to irrigate HIS hay fields. I have nothing to do with another’s use of water and while the said neighbor is within his legal rights—part of his livelihood / agricultural needs—we’ve noticed that it’s been weeks since an 18-wheeler truck has maneuvered through his narrow gate to pick up a single bale of hay. We have noticed, by the way, that in spite of our community water wetting down his hay fields, his coastal is not growing. Yes, it is green, but the weather is too hot for the grass to grow tall enough to cut and bale.
Seems to this city girl that my Sunday School teachers were onto something way back in the early 1940’s when they taught us to take turns, to share, and to love one another.

Each night, the weather people continue to say, “There is no hope for rain.”

Nevertheless, we who are called by His name continue to petition Him, our High and Holy heavenly Father, Creator of all that is or has been or ever will be, to be merciful and to heal our hearts, forgive our sin-filled ways, and to please wet our land and fill our creeks.
And, by the way—again—do you remember that dreadful day this spring??? May 22, 1011… Joplin, Missouri…. Talk about deadly.
          So, while we entreat (beg, plead) our Holy Father to  pour out water from the heavens onto our land, we must remember to continue to pray for those who lost everything. Homes. Belongings. Photographs. Grandmothers. Aunts. Livelihoods. Kitchen sinks. Roofs to cover those who survived.
          And we MUST give thanks for God’s perfect love.

Praying to serve and glorify my God and my King.

With love,

A Friend's New Adventure

Those of you who know me well, understand that I am extremely SLOW to say good bye. It is safe to say I prefer denial to the finality of an absolute end. Over the past three years, God called several of my friends Home to be with Him. One went suddenly in a violent car accident two days before she and I were to have a long-overdue lunch date. Two other friends fought cancer over a few years and I was privileged to spend some precious and private time with each in their waning weeks. Another friend’s sudden cancer took him with little notice and I’ve been blessed to walk close with his widow as she grieves.
In all these cases, I had some issues with my Holy Father to settle first so I did not let go quickly or even delete their e-mail addresses from my contacts list until recently.

Just my way of being sassy to my Father.
He knows I don’t handle change easily.

Today, I'm rethinking goodbyes.

From the inception of this prayer blog of mine, a link has stood sentimental on my sidebar as a special local place: The Closer Walk Christian Bookstore.
The store closed on May 31, 2011.
I have grieved deeply.
But I could not write a good bye. I could not write about my memories or the blessings I received from Sheila and her store. The store ceased to exist eight weeks ago but I could not remove the link.
The Closer Walk Christian Bookstore was a fixture in Fredericksburg for 27 years. The store meant a lot to me and to our small town.

Sheila and the store have been in my life together for some fifteen years and through the store, Sheila was my mentor, confidant, former employer, and fellow writer. We walked through trials and tribulations together, shared joys and celebrations, shed pools of tears, and prayed together at the drop of a hat or a tear. She is a lovely lady who is small and delicate but who managed the bookstore with an iron glove and ministered to droves of us with a quiet, trusting heart.

May 2007 Sheila & Liz at The Closer Walk booksigning for Liz and Sally Clark.

When she and her husband closed the door the last time to the store, Sheila turned around to embrace the next adventure God will give her and she spent a month visiting with and entertaining her grandchildren, children, and other family, praying, contemplating, and listening to her Lord.
She has already begun to write more, to set up her speaking ministry, and work in her garden. Today I received word that Sheila has a new blog. She is taking a new first step.

*sigh* Maybe it is time for me to let go.

Oh!!! But, hey! Perhaps this goodbye isn’t going to be so bad after all:

·       Sheila’s e-mail address is ACTIVE and ALIVE
·       Sheila still answers her telephone
·       Sheila continues as an active member of our Hill Country Women of Words writers’ group.

Please visit Sheila’s new blog. You will be blessed sharing in her new adventure