Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Changes Don't Stay the Same

     I've never liked change and I've always had to live with change....lots and lots of changes and I try to roll with the punches. :-) Don't you know: change can HURT. But, I admit that some can be fun.
     I am in a struggle to rearrange and renew and cut costs on my web appearance. (Don't you just love that phrase???)
     And in so doing, I am creating even more changes and confusion for myself. I am not ready to give up!
     I'm getting--supposed to already HAVE but it doesn't register yet--a new domain name for my yola site so it will be easier to type, find, and locate. Don't worry about remembering the title, I'll remind you. Believe me, you DON'T want the details; it is a cyberspace jungle. Especially for us older models.
    I do love Blog spot and am learning to navigate it very well. There are many features that are old-lady-user-friendly. BUT I'm going to change this name. I discovered quite by accident (???) today that there is another very active blog spot blog with a very similar name ( ) She is a writer from England. At the first glance, she seemed to have a fun blog. Since I don't like plagiarism in any of its ugly faces and she had it first, I'm on a search for a new name.
     Please believe me that I will notify you! I'm finding lots of interesting ways to attract readers and notify friends.
     I don't have the bugs worked out yet, but I'm working on The Silver Hair Gold Fingers (with Red Nails) Wrinkled Writers Who Pray spot. HEY!!! We ARE still viable, you know!
     I love all of you who pop in from time to time.
      And all shall be well if I can just remember that my God said: Even to your old age I will be the same, and even to your graying years I will bear you. (Isaiah 46:4)

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