Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Multi-Task No More

I remember the old days when I could.... but never mind.
These days, I can STILL single-task and I'm grateful!
     I have a lot of posts in the "draft" stage. Prayers and praises and wonderful people and fun blogs I want to share with you. But for the time being, even my knitting is "on hold"--except for the times we're in a medical office.... waiting!!
     Why??? Because I'm learning QUICKEN, for goodness sakes. I started it way last January and decided that it was something I absolutely could NOT learn and tossed it aside.
     Now I've decided that I absolutely MUST learn a personal money management program. (grrr) Doing pretty well, if I do say so myself. This old silver brain still functions from time to time when it is forced!!
     I'm trying to be organized and efficient and a good steward. For many reasons!! But, especially so that come January 20, I can yell: HEY, TAX MAN!!! I'M READY!!!!!!!! Sweet Marc will probably faint dead away!
     About the only scriptural thing I can think of right now is Jesus's admonition to 'render to Caesars what is Caesars and to God what is God's.' Of course, everything I have and am belongs to and came from my loving heavenly Father, the One Triune God, so that one isn't very hard.
     I'll touch base with you as often as I can during these hectic days of being a number cruncher.
The job I hate most in the world.
But I will give thanks that I can still deal with those dollar marks and decimals!!!!

And, P.S. I'll post pictures of my beautiful First Born with her cast-boot to help heal the broken bone in her foot! As our doc says, "She is really tough to be so fragile!"

Because He first loved me, I'll work hard to be a good steward,

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