Friday, November 19, 2010

Gratitude Attitude

     Here it is the season to give thanks and I've been disgustingly groucy and out of sorts. No serious reason, just additional aches, pains, sleep problems, demands on my energy and time, and too many things to do that I can't do as easily as I once did.
     My bad humor got totally out of control this morning. My to-do list looked like a mountain of bricks and I could not even find my want-to-do list.
     So I got in the shower and I cried. Literally. Loud and hard and I couldn't tell where the salty tears started and the hot, soapy shower water stopped.
     Since that felt ridiculous, I began to tell my High and Holy Father why I should NOT be crying or worried or upset. As if He didn't know. I counted off a few undeserved and over-the-top blessings, then, without thinking, as I blubbered, I listed--out loud faster than I could think or count, other good gifts and perfect gifts and awesome people and wonderful things that make my life easy and sweet. God is amazing, isn't He? Unaware when the tears stopped, I smiled because the only wet stuff was hot, clean, pure shower water washing away my exhaustion.
    I can't promise you that my study on Isaiah 12:1-6 over the last few days had anything to do with my baptism of reality in the shower this morning, but Isaiah's praises have sure bounced around my heart. Just think, as The Message puts it "...I thank you, God. You were angry but your anger wasn't forever. You withdrew your anger and moved in and comforted me."
     I am indeed comforted and on this wonderful day I give thanks to God and praise His Name.
     By the way, I am especially thankful for all of you who pass by this blog and leave your fingerprints on my heart.
    May you be abundantly blessed as we go into this beautiful season of THANKSGIVING.

A tray of my fresh Whole Wheat Pumpkin Applesauce Muffins from one of my young cyber friends' recipes:

The muffins are sitting on a sun-flower kitchen towel from Kathy, who became one of my new daughters when her daddy married me. How good does it get???? 



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