Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Favorite Books - Entry Two

Category: Christmas Books

The Shoe Box - by Francine Rivers:

The Shoe Box (A Christmas Story) by Francine Rivers
 (Tyndale Fiction 2010)


           I have little self-control when it comes to Christmas gift books. There are many on my shelves and though we have favorites,  my family and I re-read our collection year after year.
           However, I believe The Shoe Box, new this year, is exceptional. It is a short, must-read, tender story about love, hope, angels, and the simple faith of a little boy. Francine Rivers makes Christmas come alive in the life of a young boy and his foster parents.
          Woven between the short chapters of this precious fiction story are the author’s own real Christmas experiences, recipes, and traditions. As always, Mrs. Rivers stays true to her trust in Jesus Christ and includes the true Christmas Story from Holy Scripture’s Matthew and Luke.
          The Shoe Box is a lovely, small, inexpensive gift book that will endure over time as a family Christmas devotion or as a re-read year after year for simple pleasure.
          Give The Shoe Box to someone you love for Christmas….whether that “special someone” is a grandchild or yourself!
          You’ll hear more about Francine Rivers in my list of favorite books, but if she is a new author to you, check her website at Her testimony is as beautiful and real as her Biblical fiction.
P.S. I bought my copy "just because," and have already wrapped it as a gift. I ordered another for myself from The Closer Walk Christian Bookstore and because you took time to read this blog, if you live nearby, call Sheila and tell her I said to let you buy my ordered copy--it should be in this week! She will order another for me!

Christmas Blessings from my bookcase to yours,

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  1. I love Christmas books! I have a nice little collection that I reread every December. I've never read this one though - and I can't wait! I love Francine Rivers and this one sounds wonderful!