Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cedar Fever in Perspective

Once upon a time, I thought this time of year was simply Winter Doldrums.
You know: yuk; blah; ug; etc. etc. and etc.
Took a long time to piece things together but better late smart than never. Now I know that my winter ailes and woes are ALLERGIES.
In Texas, Mountain Cedar does awful things in the winter. Especially a dry winter. And we have a lot of dry winters around the hill country.
Which means dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, and ringing ears. YES I drink water. NO I don't have a humidifier. Might think about it.
Cedar Fever, as it is commonly called, saps its victims and some people suffer worse than I do so I send all victims my sincere condolences.
HOWEVER. . . .
There are THREE bits of good news:
  1. I have a recommendation for a new allergy doctor nearby who takes allergy-only patients!!! I'm calling tomorrow.
  2. My ten-year-old granddaughter who lives way far away is e-mailing me regularly. LOVE IT!!! She is also a writer. Bet she'll be famous one day. Makes dreary, yukky days bearable. And - -
Now I'll go take some pills, turn on the air filter and...
We have many prayer concerns among our friends and family - - -
Oh. Uh - well ---
OKAY!! I get it!!! 
The explosion of cedar pollen takes a WAAAY back seat to
  • my friend who broke a rib
  • a local youth pastor sho suffered a punctured lung in a bike accident
  • two friends struggling with severe vision problems
  • the husband of another friend who spent 8 days in the hopital and will finally go home minus his gall bladder (Thank You, Father; it was very serious for awhile)
  • friends battling cancer
  • friends who are just beginning the hard, lonely walk of widowhood
and the list goes on.

So, join me in following James' admotion to "Pray one for another.." (5:16, KJV)

Now I will quietly stand firmly on Ezekiel 34:26: "...I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing."

Just wanted to touch base with you and offer mysmall fountain of blessings in this dry season.

Because He first loved me,

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