Monday, January 10, 2011

For Eddy: I Blinked !!

January 10, 1970
Oh what a day.
And, he is still an awesome man,
a great husband, a devoted daddy,
a good brother, uncle, nephew, step-everything, a faithful friend
Yes, I could go on. However, let me SHOW you how fast it goes...

January 1971   

June 1972

My Cub Scout about 1977 

My Baseball Hero about 1982

Eddy and his first fix-up Chevy about 1988

My Marine comes home for Christmas after boot camp 1989

My Son gives me a jewel when he becomes a husband to Julie.

My Son becomes a Father. With my granddaughter, Madeline, June 2000.

The Daddy--the Gunny-- goes to war. Again. And Again.

All my children under my roof once more. 2009.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Frank E. Herbert, Jr. retires, 2010; 21 years.

So, Eddy, Happy Birthday, Awesome Son.
I love you.
Any way you are!

Dearest Love,
Your very proud mom,

January, 1970  

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  1. What a sweet post! You should be one proud momma!