Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's Random Thoughts

Today I posted a new-old story on my “other blog,” Stories From Liz’s Heart.
And, yes, you guessed it. There is a story about my story.
I originally wrote, Freedom! vs the Pink Handkerchief circa 1976. I lived in Austin, Texas and studied creative writing from a local writer. Mike was a great nuts ‘n bolts teacher, but he did not like Barbara’s pink hanky story and asked me to write on another subject. Desperately hoping to find favor for my work, I crafted a story written in a letter by an eighty-five-year-old woman to her husband as she closed her home to move into a nursing home. Mike really disliked that story and said, “Only write what you know!!!!” (his explanation points, not mine J). “You are too young to know what an eighty-five year old woman could possibly feel.”
Okay. I put a cover on my typewriter.
Pretty soon, my own life began to crumble before my eyes and I put a cover on all frivolous things. Like writing.
Two lifetimes later:
In 1998, this single grandmother had settled my small brood out in the Texas hill country, working as director at a senior citizen’s center. For a lark, I submitted my pink hanky story to the Austin Christian Writers’ Guild. (Smiles and winks accepted.)
My story received FIRST PLACE in the Fiction category and earned $15.00 and a printed certificate. The contest judge was no other than national author, writers' conference speaker and writing teacher, and former pastor and missionary CECIL MURPHY. (Polite applause appreciated)
*sigh* My good Fredericksburg buddy, Blanche, from those long-ago-foster parent-days went with me to the winner’s banquet in Austin. Five minutes of fame was sweet. *sigh*
Back to the subject!! I always assumed Freedom vs the Pink Hankerchief was a sweet, romantic fiction. Ha! Shows you what this OLD author knows. Just last week I read a post by Christian novelist Sharon K. Souza at discussing Magical Realism
Blew me away. I discussed it further with my dyed-in-the-wool-literary-snob grandson and he explained magical realism further. Really? You’re kidding! Well, sure, I’ve heard of Tolkin, C.S. Lewis but that’s NOT what I write!!
After a long discussion about the hidden aspects of several of my little fiction short stories and my still-waiting-in-the-drawer novel, I caved. A smidgen. Because not only is my writing not even in the ballpark with real Christian magical realism writers, I don't even know the game. But, there is a lively debate at Novel Matters on the subject. Hummmmm.

May be there's more real-make-believe in my daily reality and my writing than I suspected.
What do YOU think??? I’d love some opinions!!

As always, everything I attempt is because He first loved me.

By-The-Way and P.S.
This week in my daily prayer time, I am soaking my soul with Ann Voskamp’s A Thousand Gifts. We must be people of thanks giving. Join me in this heart search.

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