Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Not Here . . .

... because HE LIVES !

The grave could not hold my Lord Jesus Christ.

He died; he was buried in a tomb; He ROSE FROM THE DEAD.

He walked the earth for 40 days, talking, eating, sharing, BEING ALIVE.

Life is truly worth everything because HE LIVES.

May you also share in the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord,



  1. I needed a smile - post Easter blues - hard to explain. And I'm here - and I'm smiling - and then I see my button - and I smile more - and then I think of how nice you've been and what a delight it is to have you read me - and I smile some more - so I'm leaving now - mission accomplished. Thank You Liz - God bless you and yours today.

  2. and I hearted your post too :)especially the 40 days part - we need a celebration for the 40 days I think - somebody get on that.