Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Little Brother

Sometimes, I must yell STOP and bring the daily grind to a screeching halt.

Sometimes I just have to shout: God is good and life is sweet.

I haven’t posted on a regular basis lately even though the restless leg curse is calming for the first time in a dozen years and sleep--restful, uninterrupted sleep--is returning. Because of that God-intended, beautiful SLEEP, my depression and anxiety and frustration and hopelessness are falling away. Guess what I’m doing with my new-found time????

You have noticed I have not been writing.

I’ve been cleaning closets, organizing clutter, dusting things that were grossly neglected, planning a family-style bridal shower in our back yard for next week, and doing every-day things like cooking cheerfully for my family and going to the grocery story. With a happy heart.

And I’m giving thanks. And I’m not complaining (too much) about out record-breaking Texas drought induced HEAT. Life has been returned to me and I am grateful.

 Many of my friends—both cyber and real-life—have faithfully stopped by my blog to pray awhile in one or another of my cyber praying chairs so I want to share a HUGE thanksgiving with you. It happened today. On just another, routine Saturday.

Today, Dear Heart and Precious Daughter and I drove an hour across the Texas Hill Country to celebrate my brother’s birthday.

He is the only sibling I’ve ever had. Well, except for his wife who is my best friend and Jesus Sister.
I took a store-bought (but larapin-licious) Over-the-Hill cake and the birthday-boy himself drove to the restaurant to bring home ready-made barbeque.

Sister said, “Your mother and mine MUST be cringing behind a cloud in THE Throne Room because all their lovely china and crystal are tucked safely away in the buffet and we are eating store-bought  birthday dinner on paper plates!”

Actually, Eloise and MayBeth were probably thanking our Holy Father that their daughters finally slowed down to grasp the finer things of life: FAMILY and RELATIONSHIP.

Sister served fresh goat’s milk and told about their new batch of Peacocks. Lil’Bro and I—both in our 70’s now—showed off  our cyber skills by comparing  apps on his Iphone and my Ipod. The house resounded with memories of birthdays past and hopes of birthdays future. Listening (or not J) to our stories were Birthday Boy’s only niece, only grand-nephew and only brother-in-law along with one of his three sons, two of his daughters-in-law, three granddaughters, and five great grands (between 4 and 11.)

We laughed. We remembered. Our worlds stood still for a little while.

We were just Family. Without shame and WITH great joy.

Happy Birthday, Jerry

Standing on His primises,



  1. :) Liz, I'm so glad your legs are better. I know how desperate life can feel when sleep eludes you. I'm praising God with and for you--and praying the relief lasts and lasts.

    Love and miss you!

  2. Glad you're getting at least some sleep. And I'm a big fan of paper plates.

  3. I'm grateful for both of you, Megan and Dena. Guess what??? The 10th birthday of Women of Words will meet at my house this month! We'll wish for you, Dena. Thank you for standing by with prayers for lasting relief so I can answer my care giving calling. Love you both. Liz

  4. Liz,

    You were quite the lady even as a child. That picture at the end of the post is more than lovely. You were destined to bring glory to His name. I'm so happy you and your brother (and other family members) had this wonderful time together.

    Much love,

  5. Thank you, Dawn--at least a lady in the picture! :-) Yes, God pursued me through many tangles, swamps, and deserts, when I lost my way or turned my back on Him. He is always faithful. Thank you for stopping by; you always encourage me.

  6. "we're just family without shame" - absolutely positively HI-lariious :-) My sibs used to be like that – and I'm still very close to each of them – but they seem to be drifting away from each other – that's kind of sad. Anyway – your brother seems – to you – like my baby sister is to me.

    And restless leg syndrome? I had no idea. So when I speak, on my blog, about my "sleep thing" – you really get it! Wow.

    and I really get yours too. God bless you Liz!!

  7. I smiled about sister bringing the goat's milk... I just brought in a full bucket of it myself!
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your days Liz!

  8. I just absolutely love this!!!! Nothing better than celebrating birthdays when you get old like us. They seem more important for some reason --- maybe because we realize there might not be many more of them. So I'm with you --- paper plates, store-bought cakes, and lots of "just family without shame." In fact, I'm in the mood for one of those cakes with tons of flowery icing and my name on it! Love you!!!!