Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Change is Certain

Today: an unvarnished Liz story.

When our Thanksgiving guests arrived last Thursday, Christmas had not one time entered my old and tired and feeble mind.

OOPS!!! Sunday. ANXIETY hit the danger zone.
My Christmas planning / lists / decorating / shopping stood at ZILCH.
Nothing. None.
Sunday evening another shock:
Huh? How? Already?

BUT I’M NOT READY !!!!!!!!!

Slowly and gradually I pulled myself together and managed to collect—into one place (the dining room table of course) from all around the house—the Thanksgiving wreaths, Pilgrims, and plastic pumpkins and to launder the autumn tablecloths and new gold napkins.
Then, after a long sigh (please note the fall decorations continued to sit on the dining room table), I got out my #2 pencil and trusty Big Chief Tablet.
Christmas Scheduling-Planning To-Do-List-Making Time.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Deep Breath. As a blended family of a dozen years, Dear Husband and I have seen our separate absolute/must-have/can’t-live-without traditions ebb and flow, change and grow, swell and diminish. New meanings have enveloped each tradition into a bright, new sameness. Between us, (as of today) we have 29 kids, grands, spouses, and greats. Then, throw in a big bunch of assorted siblings of his and mine and all those delightful nieces/nephews, grands and greats. Through these years, a lot of blending, bonding, forgiving, changing, accepting ensued as we worked around sick children and adults, war deployments, vacation cancellations, weddings, final exams, lost baggage, our own aging, and a changing economy.


Now. How do I manage control around so many unknown
          plans / schedules / people / events??? Well - - - -

F. I. N. A. L. L. Y

I.     U. D. E. R. S. T. A. N. D

I have no control.
And - - - it is good.

In this, my seventy-seventh Christmas, I will change. I accept that….  ready or not… Christmas WILL have its own way.

Because: Jesus was born at exactly the precise time and in the perfect place.

Because: Christmas blessings will meet us at the grocery store, in Christmas cards from friends of long ago, through telephone calls from grandkids, and even at our medical appointments and at the funeral of an old and faithful friend.

And, Because: without any planning on my part, Christmas Joy—our Savior—meets us in an evergreen cross, a child’s hug, Chrismons on a nine-foot Christmas tree, nativity scenes in unexpected places, voices lifted together in old hymns, weak legs growing stronger, hurt feelings healed, unexpected hugs, and love restored.

Jesus Christ IS the same
 yesterday and today, and FOREVER.
Hebrews 13:8 [NAS]

Rejoice in Advent and the Preparation for our Savior’s Return.

Advent Blessings,

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Just the words I needed to hear in "just one week before the Children's Christmas Program" panic. Christmas blessings are around me if I only take the time to see them.