Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Mother, Her Daughter

Sometimes sweet surprises just appear! Let me tell you about one I found!
     As you know, it's been a couple of difficult weeks and today I'm in a hurry but decided to work on computer pictures while I took a short break.
     Looking at pictures, I remembered that last week, my mother would have been 98 years old. She died 16 years ago and there are days I think I can't navigate another step if I don't talk to her. Of course, I talk to my Lord instead and I do navigate--even the really rough roads.  but I keep on...
     Now that I'm in my 70's, I think a lot about the changes that have occurred over the last ten years in my body, my mind, my thinking, my circumstances, and my spiritual awareness. My mind still thinks it is 50 and some days my body feels certain it is a hundred, so a lot of confusion exists within me. but I keep on.....
     Because I have many responsibilities I try to be responsible and keep "my affairs" in order. I've arranged all the "end of life stuff" just as a gift to my kids. Don't those words just tear at your soul?  but I keep on...
     Today I went to the pool to work out and visited briefly with another lady who works our regularly in the pool. At 91 she walks briskly with a cane but her step is firm and light and her voice is strong as she greets other swimmers by name. As she said when my mouth fell to my knees, "Yep! 1919. Do the math!" Her manner said, And move outta my way; I've got things to do!
     [And NO! I'm not going to do a dissertation on Sarah and Abraham and their life spans!!!]
Today, totally by accident (??? thank you, Lord!) here is what I found:

 MayBeth Hoyt at 70 years in 1982  &  Liz Hoyt Eberle at 70 years in 2007
My mother was a beautiful woman full of mischief and surprises and while she was completely wrong in her political opinions she gifted all who knew her with a quick joke, deep love, and genuine devotion.
Even though I miss you still, Mother, I'm trying to keep on anyway!
I'm so glad you taught me that Jesus loves even me!

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  1. I love the story, you and my grandmommy.
    Love, your daughter