Monday, December 20, 2010

Lunar Love from God

The Creator of the universe and all that is or ever has been or ever will be is amazing. And to think, this awesome Triune God knows you and me by name!!!!

Today is blowing my mind, so to speak. I KNOW that I WILL get up (or still be up???) around 2 a.m. cst to view the total eclipse of the moon.

  • Because it is an incredible event
  • Because a total eclipse of the moon ON WINTER SOLSTICE has not happened in 456 years. Let's see, that would be.... 1554 ???? What on earth [or heaven] do you think people thought that night?
  • Because a total eclipse of the moon ON WINTER SOLSTICE will not happen AGAIN until the year 2094. Let's see, I will be 157 years old. Of course, some days I already feel that old, but never the less........ 
  • Because my husband's FIRST great grand DAUGHTER will be born tomorrow morning, on Winter Solstice, just a few hours after the astonishing event in the night heavens. [of course, I get to ride on my Dear Heart's coat tails and will claim a little great-grand-memaw status]
  • And, because our little Samanta Kay will only be 84 years old when the next one occurs. What a birthday she will have!!!!!!!!!!!
So, I hope you wake up or get up or just stay up to witness one of God's breathtaking gifts in the heavens that He so lovingly created.

God made two big lights, the larger
      to take charge of Day,
   The smaller to be in charge of Night;
      and he made the stars.
   God placed them in the heavenly sky
      to light up Earth
   And oversee Day and Night,
      to separate light and dark.
   God saw that it was good.
Genesis 1: 16-19 The Message
Heavenly Blessings to ALL of you,

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