Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shepherd Sunday

Tomorrow, the 4th Sunday in Advent, is sometimes known as Shepherd Sunday.
I'm praying diligently that my shepherd heart will be open to those who need help, encouragement, time, and guidance and that I won't be afraid to go where my Holy Father leads. I'm also praying that I will allow my Shepherd to protect my heart and thoughts and time and energy. Sometimes keeping up with a flock of sheep--even if it is only a few--can be difficult.
During the wind up to Christmas, it is easy to remember that part of shepherding is listening. Let's listen closely. We might even hear angels singing!

Holy Father, bless our earthly spiritual shepherds and help us to grow up and become the shepherds you call us to be.

Blessings through this last week of Advent. Welcome the Lord Jesus with joy!


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