Sunday, October 9, 2011

Giving Thanks in Texas

Real rain wet rain much rain steady rain.

Water falling from God's Hands onto our dry, parched, thirsty land.

No, the drought is not over but our dirt got a BIG drink tonight.

Yes, it came with a bang. Lab Ava and I jumped five inches at the first out-of-nowhere-house-shaking-soul-straightening bang. But the water was wet.

Twelve hours earlier, the bride was radiant, the groom adoring and the families hugged and laughed, danced, cheered, and gorged on father of the bride Jimbo's remarkably luscious home made barbeque and the absolute best-in-Texas Italian Cream wedding cake. Drove safely through minor storms there and back. Stayed up late visiting, knitting, and listening to the rain that was predicted to end by 1 a.m.

Wooooo-hooooooo here it is five a.m. and the rain continues to fall.

Yes my restless legs roused me out of a much-needed and oh-so-restful sleep.
But I can type praises.
There is RAIN in Texas.

RAIN poured onto a sinful people from the loving hands of the One Triune God who is merciful and forgiving.

Thank You, Holy Father.

One of your grateful children,


  1. YAY!!! Rain in Texas. and the all-too-familiar being rustled out of bed – the drugs I take for "sleep: prevent me from waking up and writing profound things – they don't keep me from waking up – just the writing. But I'm glad that you can. And yes, rain pouring over sinners, always in need of that rain – I'm always in need of that rain – I'm so aware of how unfit I am for the kingdom – and so aware of how fit he makes me. Thank you for that reminder. Thank you Liz. And God bless and keep you (wet). :)

  2. At church this morning, Father Enda asked, "Had enough already? Or should we pray for more?" We all agreed to be thankful, yet pray for more.

  3. Liz,

    You posted this Sunday and here it is Tuesday night and I am just reading it. I am so happy you finally got the rain. I'm praying this is a positive trend and that your land will restore itself quickly. Nature is remarkable.

    People here are a bit afraid of the rain right now. Our ground is SO soggy that any little storm may make basements flood. We are happy to lend the darker clouds to our Texan neighbors for awhile. It's a win-win!

    Praising with you,