Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My TWO Octobers

       October in Texas is often amazing. It is delightfully cool and gives me energy to do outlandish things such as prepare the soil for its winter rest, wash windows, and clean out closets. The best part of October in Texas is taking long walks under skies as blue as my grandson’s eyes.
      With those things in mind, our local writers group, Hill Country Women of Words, chose to write about OCTOBER for our meeting this week. I’m posting here the words that flowed from my heart through my fingers yesterday afternoon just before meeting time. While the words surprised me, I am encouraged to renew my reach to answer His call on my life. Most of my readers are many years younger than I am and may not quite understand the larger picture here so please do not read gloom, doom, or sadness. Pause a minute in your own whirlwind life to find the joy, excitement, and awe in the calling of Jesus Christ.

October. Autumn. The 10th month of the year.
The land is tired and ready for its winter rest but first there is much to be done.

On All Saints Day we officially and communally pause to look back, to remember our ancestors, friends, and loved ones who beat us to the finish line. It is good to consider that instead of gloating and forgetting us altogether, those saints are surrounding the very Throne of God, praying for us who still struggle in this life. This year, our local Methodist church will dedicate the new Columbarium on All Saints Day. A very good thing.
In the cold of November, golden coverings fall from the trees, leaving them bare. Yet, the crops are safely gathered in so we come as thankful people, raise the song of harvest, ask the Lord’s blessing, and thank we all our God with heart and hands and voices. Thanksgiving: family gathers; a very good thing.

Then the best season is last when our earthly calendar ends with the Joy of Christmas and is complete with chorus, bells, and happy song. It is fitting that man created a calendar ending with a birth that gives Life forever. Christmas: celebrate Jesus, celebrate family, celebrate life; a very good thing.

And, so it is.
October. Autumn. The last seasons of my life.
It is about time for my winter rest and from my October vantage point, the calendar of my life is---
Dotted with both storms of sorrow and amazing, heavy showers of joy. I can now look back and see long periods of growth - - -
- - - and empty years of stagnation.
I am fascinated to witness how the seasons of my life connected and how
old things became new, increase replaced loss, and trust overcame fear.
So, at 74 ¾ years of age, I can see almost clearly how Christ worked it all together. I smile in gratitude. It is a very good thing.

Now, with only two seasons left - - -  there are still celebrations and MUCH to do.
More than ever, I must be about my Father’s business.
J I must remember that those who are younger do not have the advantage of my amazing wisdom and grace and … well… I must be more patient. J

I will continue to diligently study the woman of Proverbs…
          As I fold my hands in prayer, and as I knit, wash dishes, make beds, wrap gifts, wipe brows, and type words… please bless the product of my hands. . .
          As I love and attempt to guide and bless and nurture please help me to look well to the ways of my household and may the teaching of kindness be on my tongue. . .
          As I rise up and face each day… please let strength and dignity be my clothing. . .
          Especially, may I smile at the future.
In the cold of the November of my life, as I slow more and more, I will give thanks for those crops I gathered throughout my seasons and I will raise the song of harvest; I will ask the Lord’s blessing on the meager gifts I’ve offered Him; and I will delight in praising Him with all my heart—even if my hands grow feeble and my voice dims.
Then at the Christmas of my own December, I will celebrate my real beginning.

Claim with me Paul’s admonition in Romans 11:36:
          For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.”

Love and hugs and blessings !!


  1. This is so beautiful, Liz. I love the idea of you being in the October of your life--still with energy and freshness and bright colors.
    Yes, you have much to teach us.

  2. As always, you inspire. I like how you look forward to the fall season and all that is coming. Winter is hard for me. Staying inside when the air is cold, huddling on couch under a blanket when I would like to be outside. Your writing reminds me of all the good things the next season will bring.
    God bless you!

  3. Dear Liz,

    I think you would love Mark Buchanan's book "Spiritual Rhythm: Being with Jesus Every Season of Your Soul." It says much about the seasons of our spiritual life. There are times especially set aside for what you perceive as stagnation. They are the fallow ground which, when fully renewed, support the periods of rapid growth.

    I am so ready for my December. Entering heaven will be the best Christmas ever!

    Thanks for stirring the embers in my brain,

  4. Hello, I came over from Sally Clarks, christwriter.info blog. What a wonderful piece you have written. Such a peaceful reflection and positive outlook for that time that remains. Thank you.

  5. seriously, one of the reasons I write in this community full of amazing Christian women like you is that reading all of the other blogs isn't a chore - you know – just to make sure that I read the people who are reading me – it's a pleasure – it's worship to our Lord – it's something I want to do – and do with a smile on my face. What you wrote here is so poetic – the juxtaposition of the seasons with the seasons of life, and you being in your October November December - whatever – at 74 you are still a baby in the eyes of eternity – isn't it amazing at 74 you are still a child – a child's because you will live forever. I know of a body that slows down – mine is because I don't sleep – yours is because you are on the same road as me but ahead of me – and we're both heading to the same place. I smiled all the way through – and I smiled as I type this comment. Thank you my friend for writing these words – for all the words you write. God bless you Liz.

  6. As I read precious and inspiring comments from a few of my faithful readers, I wonder about time. :-) And I remember (yes!!! happily) when at 34 I thought 'there is so little time...' and 'I can't get it all done.' All of you encourage me to keep climbing / writing while on this amazing journey to follow the call of our Lord Jesus. I am blessed -over and above- by thye words of my readers. Thank you!!!

  7. Miz Liz... beautiful indeed! But at 74 it could still be summer for you... my Father-in-law is 90 and still not finished the story of His life! Carry on blessing us so :)

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  9. I'll keep coming back until there are more words – I hope all is well as well – and I hope this year holds the best for you – and I too remember way back when I was 34 and thought there wasn't enough time - I hope you allow our Lord to cup Your face and hold it close. God bless you Liz.

    TO DO.