Thursday, September 23, 2010

Changes Keep Changing

Am I the one who recently blogged about how much I HATE change? Probably so, because I definitely and absolutely insist that things MUST STAY familiar--stationary, fixed, unmoving, THE SAME.

*sigh* In these volatile silver years, I'm finding that life is upside down most of the time. (RT: another meaning of "volatile" is unpredictable .... AND explosive. Nuff said on that rabbit trail!)
          So I went along with necessary changes, learned to navigate Blogspot, and moved my blog to this delightful free Blogspot. Then I learned more and set up web pages at a free (!!) Yola Site. Not bad for a senior of the seniors!
          *double sigh* Then I decided that the names of the blog and the web did not properly explain their angles nor their content and neither was in keeping with my questionable place in life.
Dear Heart tells me that sometimes I think too much. Could be.
At any rate.
          I've changed the names of BOTH this NEW blog and the NEW web site. (And you think YOU are confused!!)
Now, let's see if I can get this straight.
My blog--this place where we are sharing right now-- used to be called something about writing aroung a kitchen table. NO, I am not giving up writing. I'm just redefining the direction of my writing. THUS: is official.
Next, my web site was ALL about my writing and was aptly named something about Liz writes (of all places) in Texas. Yes, I still write in Texas--WHERE ELSE??? And the web still contains a lot about my writing, my publications, my words..not one word of which would have happened without my wonderful family. I noticed, that most of the words and pictures centered around that wonderful family.
       SO        was born. Check it out... tomorrow I'll post a story about my Marine son when he was five years old.
       My brain and my files are brimming over with things to share with you on this blog. I've discovered fun new blogs by amazing young women and been deeply blessed. I've found fun recipes along with herb and writing and cooking hints, and lots and lots of prayers and praises I'm eager to share.
         ***The immediate prayer as I type these words on Thursday afternoon, September 23 is for one of my bestest writing friends. Tonight, Sally is speaking to the Abilene Writers Guild about how to write award-winning, publishable, meaningful, and beautiful poetry. My friend loves the Lord, her family, writing poetry, and making friends. Father, Bless my friend as she speaks and bless her words that she will serve You beautifully.)***
     And, while praying for Sally, I am reminded of Moses. Remember when he told God, well, if You won't bless Your people, I'm staying behind with them. (Author's paraphrase). I'm going to go back and study that confrotation...seems to me it has some lesson about the power of praying for each other.
         In the meantime, if you are still reading, I hope you feel loved and special. I love you for taking time to visit my blog -- but guess what? Jesus KNOWS you by name and loves you so much He gave EVERYTHING to protect you. 

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