Friday, September 24, 2010

For a Special Teacher

      I began a new knitting project tonight. I am knitting together two skeins of yarn, one red and one white.
      My grandson's favorite junior high teacher retired and I want her to have something special because she helped guide him through that impossible sixth grade year and loved him anyway! Then she embellished his existing love of books, authors, language, and reading in an endearing and enduring way.
      Red and white are the colors of our local schools.
      I'm using the new # 13 needles my step-daughter gave me when we were yarn shopping together. She inspired me to take up knitting a year ago during one of her visit's.
      Red and white are also the colors of scarlet sins that are washed white as snow by Jesus Christ.
      You can see this scarf will be special and I promise I will pray deep, abiding prayers in every single stitch.
      I'll post a photo when it is finished.
You are loved, Nancy!

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