Saturday, September 25, 2010

Knitting The Scarf

     Just so you'll know I'm serious..... I got another six inches done tonight on the red and white scarf. Funny about knitting. Even though I do ONLY plain and simple, no-thinking-required knit stitch, every piece is different.
  • Well, yes: I use different size needles sometimes.
  • And, yes: I use different yarn.
  • Yes: I don't always have an even-same-as-before tension.
But, there is more. Something lyrical about knitting. I choose a length of thread and before I know it... my hands have created something warm and pretty and full of prayers.
     Sometimes I knit a happy piece and I knit along in a kind of sing-song style. Like the first scarf I ever made. It was last year and I made it for my first great niece. I loved the images of that adorable, prissy, five-year-old floating around my mind as I knitted.
     Then sometimes the knitting is heavy. And my stitches are tight. I pray hard and my brow wrinkles with each stitch. I made this scarf modeled by my own Dear Heart last January. 

       I hurried. I rushed. I knitted instead of cleaning and the laundry piled up. The stitches were tight, my heart heavy. The scarf was for my friend's Soul Mate. Even though it was only my third scarf, I  finished it in less than two weeks and quickly mailed it off.
     It arrived too late. But, Jana tells me she still sleeps with it every night.
      I'm pouring a lot of extra love into this current scarf. The red and white colors fill me with hope. I'm trying to sing my prayers and keep my stitches loose.
     Please pray for me as I work on this labor of love and thanksgiving.

 In the love of our Master,
~~ Liz ~~

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