Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Front Porch

I gently rocked back and forth on the front porch this afternoon and pondered.

I smiled as I watched my grown daughter run and play with Cocoa. She is "sitting" this beautiful chocolate Lab for our son/daughter-in-law while they are on a rush trip gathering materials for the new home they are building down the road.

But my mind would not stay on my front yard. In church this morning, I got a little shock.

This is the blessing our pastor pronounced on us at the end of worship:

"Forget your blessings! Concentrate on the Blesser."

HUH????  When he said the words, my head jerked up and I thought WHAT???????????
I've pondered his words while rocking on the porch this nice, crisp, fall afternoon and it was a slap-the-forehead moment!!!
The Bless-ER.
The ONE Who provides life and breath and joy and crisp fall days.
The LORD of my life who holds me when I hurt, encourages me when I doubt, and leads me to go bravely into His work.
(Of course, He's slacked off some on that "bravely" part.) I an trying though and working hard to look at these Silver Senior Seventies as opportunities to adapt and learn and grow rather than groaning about change.
Thank you, Pastor J.

May you also look to The Blesser!!

Because He first loved me!
Four years ago--when the Yellow Bells were babies.

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