Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Time . . .

     Those of you who read my former blog at Typepad might remember the post I wrote on Itzhak Perlman, world famous violinist.

  • By way of reminder...Did you see Schindler’s List? John Williams wrote the score and Itzhak Perlman, an Israeli-American violin virtuoso, was the violin soloist for that 1993 film. Perlman’s performance won an Academy Award for Mr. Williams for best score.

  • It is reported that Mr. Perlman said something like, "Sometimes it is the artist's task to find out how much music the artist can still make with what he/she has left."
     Mr. Perlman, of course, was addressing musicians and encouraging them to keep on keeping on. He won the Academy Award when he was nearing fifty years old. After studying Itzhak Perlman's life, I made a card  for my desk with his words printed in vibrant colors. Of course, I took his message to heart and applied them to my writing... to discover, when I was seventy, how many words I could still write with the time I had left.
     So, I wrote a lot of words. MANY, MANY words. Some of those words were published, some words were reported to have blessed a lot of people, and some words were just for my family or myown secret journal.
     Then life took some difficult adjustments and things other than my own words required more of my attention so I poured my heart and soul into lives of those who needed me.

And I grew older.

  • Read that carefully: I did NOT say wiser.
But, in quiet way, life settled down and became easier.

  • Enter Ava.
     Now remember THERE WAS A SERIOUS REASON to bring this beautiful black Lab, Ava, into our home at this silver time of our lives. Those reasons are still relavant.
    Yes, I KNEW it would be hard, physical work (but I've been working out in the pool at the local Wellness Center for a year . . .
Give me some CREDIT here PLEASE !!!!

     And yes, I understood that a new pet would not be perfect and that it would take time and etcetera, etcetera, and ETCETERA !!! (remember the white hair on my head... NOT born yesterday.)
Progress is happening. Really!!
     Today, five days into this new act of love for my daughter, I know how may days it has been since I was born!!!!! And I feel every one of them.
     I wonder.... maybe my task is simply to find out what my limits are and what I CAN STILL do with the time I have left.

     For now, I'll go to my recliner and knit on the red and white scarf-with Ava-at my feet while Dear Heart gets through the Texas OU game. I notice that Mac Brown's hair is rather white, too, so perhaps there are harder things than training a dog to simply walk through the door.

Confused and diligently praying I can trust God to give me wisdom,

Hook 'em Horns & Way to Go, Ava !!

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