Sunday, October 3, 2010

In Lieu of Football

Saturday was a clear, sunny, crisp morning so I decided 'TODAY IS THE DAY.'
     I finished taking Ava through her exercises (and trying to instill a small tad of obedience), and cut a "bunch" of basil. After washing, draining, and wraping my precious ingredient in a damp towel I placed it in the fridge and settled down with my red and white knitting to watch Saturday afternoon football with Dear Heart.
     If you know me, you'll know that as soon as my legs stopped throbbing from all the morning workouts, my attention span quickly began to wane.
     So. Off to the kitchen--but listening to the game with one ear. Using only a tiny, "play-like" three cup food processor (yes, next week I'll purchase a REAL one), I made my very first batch of Basil Pesto. I found the recipe at
     I'm addicted to Jami's writing, recipes, and outlook on life in general. The unusual thing is that she uses sunflower seeds in her basil pesto rather than out-of-sight expensive pine-nuts. Another plus for me is that *hit-the-forehead-moment* I now grind up sunflower seeds and sprinkle them on my salads! I still believe that tiny seeds cause an eruption of diverticuli! But, now I'm back in happy-salad-heaven again! And no tummy aches!
     I'm still praying on what to do about our new, sweet pet. Oh yes, I'm absolutely sure that God is totally interested in every part of our lives. So, speaking of praying and Ava, I need to visit with my Heavenly Father awhile then take Ava out for another romp before dark.
     Thank You, Father, for caring, guiding, loving, forgiving, and being in all of our day. Help me to allow the Holy Spirit to prepare my heart for public worship tomorrow. Thank You for faithful friends who hug me when we meet at church, at the grocery story, and on our blogs.
In the name of Jesus

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