Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From Expections to Hope

I completely understood that this happy relationship Melinda has with our Grand-dog, Cocoa is beautiful and unique:

Melinda & Cocoa playing Fetch

     Cocoa comes to see us often and has been visiting for five days while her family is away. She and my daughter are bonded tightly. They play games and Cocoa obeysperfectly. Life has been sweet.
     Today, the three of us drove an hour and a half to Elmendorf--way around 1604 traffic, to meet Ava.

     Ava is about two years old and beautiful. She was rescued from a bad situation and for about four months has been with her foster family 

     After about an hour and a half visiting, petting, talking, and feeding snacks we made the hard decision: Ava needs our love and care and we need her. We signed the papers and she got into the back seat, on her own, with Melinda.
     We drove another hour and a half to get home to our quiet, peaceful house on the hill but Ava didn't want to get out of the car. *sigh* Flash-backs to old foster parenting days hit fast and real. I had to almost lift our ??-not-weighed-yet very heavy new child to get her out of the car. Then she followed us inside and walked around the house. Ava's foster mommy called us to check on us and said, "Just leave her be and let HER come to YOU."
    Well, I knew that. But it is hard. And we are doing that. We are being good adoptive family. And we are all exhausted.
     Cocoa's mama and papa returned home while we were on our rescue mission and they have grilling hambergers at their home-in-progress for us. Sort of a 8th Wedding Anniversary Celebration for Dear Heart and me.
      Adult, two-leg, healthy children are sweet. Adult, four-leg, formerly abused children take time, love, patience, and a lot of hope.
Been there and done it before.
This is a GOOD match.
We CAN do it again.

Tonight, after a relaxing supper, I'll get into one of my praying chairs. I remember that Jesus promised that our Father loves me and the petunias growing in my garden and the birds of the air. I'll ask Him to give us wisdom to let Him love Ava and to show us how to love her in the best way!
Looking to the Bless-er,

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